3 Telling Signs That You Have Toxic Overload

Toxins can take over the body and cause it to cease metabolic functions. These functions include proper food digestion, the supply of necessary nutrients and energy, and effective expulsion of waste.

These unwanted poisons can come from a variety of dietary, environmental and airborne sources, including lead, plastic and other dangerous substances. They can enter our systems through inhalation, ingestion, via wounds, or through the pores of the skin.

Although there are many signs that your body is in fact in danger of overload, there are 3 definite signs to look out for.

You are having trouble losing weight, but doing everything correctly.

Perhaps you have changed your eating habits and started working out regularly, yet the scale is not moving. This could be a sign of toxicity. Basically, your body is working hard to remove the toxins in the same way that it is trying to eliminate extra fat. The problem is that it has no way of getting rid of the contaminants.

Its only option is to store them in fat cells. So yes, your body might be getting rid of fat cells, but it is replacing them with poisoned ones. These toxic cells cause bloating and a larger appearance. They also cause your metabolism to decrease, since you are trying to get rid of the stubborn toxic cells rather than the fat cells.

You have an increased sweat response – i.e. pitting more often

As mentioned, toxins are pretty stubborn. Your body has many mechanisms that it uses to rid itself of them. One such mechanism is Perspiration. Perspiring is a way to expel waste, and since toxins are a waste product, it is only natural that you would sweat them out. If you are sweating more than usual, then you could be undergoing a natural detoxification.

Increased perspiration also carries with it other benefits, such as purification of the skin pores, which leads to cleaner and healthier looking skin. Another boon is that it can help to lower core bodily temperature, preventing you from overheating while under intense physical strain during workouts.

You see other people energized from their workouts, while you are exhausted.

When you experience overload, metabolic activity slows down. This is because toxins clog up parts of the digestive system, and these parts are then not able to perform their duties correctly. This can make you feel tired and sluggish on a normal day with regular activities.

If you are working out and you feel exhausted every time, it could be an indication of overload because your body is pulling out all the stops just to keep you moving. It is going the extra mile to sustain standard functions and fuel you up during your workout.

If you are experiencing any or all of these signs, it is quite possible that your body is suffering from toxic overload. You would greatly benefit from some form of bodily detoxification. Perhaps you could speak to a professional for healthy suggestions.